Which Shampoo Bar Suits Your Hair Type?

Hey you – yes you! You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, so you have to take care of it. Whether it’s curly, straight, frizzy, colored, dry, oily, knotted, or all around poofy– no matter what your hair does, every hair type deserves some TLC. 

In this time when there seems to be a product for everything, it’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of ingredients, additives, fragrances, and more. For many of us, reading the back of a shampoo bottle can sometimes feel like reading another language. When it comes to hair, however, it's best to keep it simple. Natural ingredients and essential oils is all you need to transform a hairday from “bleh” to “brilliant.” 

Because it’s hard to navigate which products and ingredients work best for you, we broke it down for you in a easy to use list:

A beginner’s holy grail

New to shampoo bars? Check out the Maintain Shampoo Bar by HiBAR. This shampoo bar is great for any one new to the world of shampoo bars. It’s safe for color and treated hair, and removes hair buildup gently. Simply wet your hair in the shower and  rub the shampoo bar on. This product is concentrated, so a little will go a long way!

“Oil” You Need - Combating Oily Hair

After a long day does your hair feel heavy, greasy, or stringy? If so – you might have the oily hair type! Don’t fret though, a balanced level of oil is actually good for your hair as it adds shine and can protect it from bacteria overproduction. However, when the sebaceous glands in your scalp produce too much oil, it can lead to excessive hair loss, heavy hair, and even breakouts on your face.  

Though it may be tempting to cut out products with moisturizing ingredients and conditioners all together, this may perpetuate the problem, as your body will overcompensate with extra oils. The key is to find a shampoo that helps maintain a balance of moisture for your scalp. Opt for products with natural ingredients and oils to avoid silicone and other ingredients like dimethicone in most bottled shampoos that will help smooth out your hair and add shine, but really weigh your hair down. 

Recommended Products 

This Bora Bora Shampoo Bar by Unwrapped Life has some serious island vibes. Made with ylang ylang and jasmine in a creamy French Polynesian vanilla blend, this shampoo bar is completely zero-waste and will give your hair the balance it needs to fight greasy locks. Color safe and safe on extensions, this bar can be used on a range of hair types, but is best for those with normal to oily hair. 

The Stimulator Shampoo Bar by Unwrapped Life will zap away oil using French green clay, which acts as a sponge, soaking up all the oils, toxins, and impurities that you pick up throughout the day. This bar is a holy grail for oily hair, as it also provides a healthy balance with a mix of antioxidants and matcha green tea, which stimulate the scalp and revitalize dead hair. Vegan, zero-waste, and cruelty-free, this bar will pump volume into thinning hair and give greasy hair days a run for their money.

Dry Hair Beware – How to Moisturize Your Mane

Hair going haywire, split ends, brittle texture, and frizz that just won’t quit – these are all telltale signs of the dry hair type. Sometimes, dry hair can also come with uncomfortable itchiness and dandruff. Caused by sun exposure, heat styling, humidity, or genetics, dry hair can lead to excessive hair loss and a weaker, more straw-like texture. 

If all of the above sounds like you – no need to fear! Dry hair can soak back its moisture with the right care and through the use of the proper moisturizing ingredients and remedies. When looking for a good hair regimen, opt for products that offer nourishing oils for rehydration. Look for products that contain Biotin, a form of vitamin B that is known to facilitate hair growth and health. Using these ingredients and forming healthy hair routines like cutting down on the number of times that you wash your hair a week can transform your hair over time.

Recommended Products 

The Hydrator Shampoo Bar from Unwrapped Life is your new best friend if you have curly or dry hair!  Made with colloidal oatmeal, which is full of vitamin B and acts as an emollient, will give your hair shine and moisture while repairing damage. Amla oil in this bar also works to soothe irritated scalps and combat dryness!

The Moisturize Shampoo Bar from HiBAR is perfect for thicker, drier hair, any any hair that needs extra conditioning! This shampoo bar uses coconut oil and rice protein to hydrate and nourish your hair. Multiple customers who have thick and curly hair have said that this product did wonders for their hair!

The Havana Shampoo Bar from Unwrapped Life is another option for those with dry hair. With a gender-neutral scent of earth woods, rich tobacco, and leafy citrus greens, as well as a hint of amber and vanilla – the scent of this bar will remind you of warm nights. In addition to the scent, Tamanu oil, which is known to regenerate, strengthen, and protect hair cells, will breathe moisture back into your locks with its fatty acids and nutrients, while protecting your hair from heat tools or chemical formulas. 

For those struggling with dandruff, The Balancer Shampoo Bar from Unwrapped Life may be the solution for you. Made with turmeric and calendula, thi bar will normalize your hair follicle activity and promote stronger hair by stimulating collagen production and giving your roots nutrients. The calming sweet scent of orange essential oils and neroli also make this a self-care must-have.

Can’t Handle the Heat – Repairing Heat Damaged Hair

Your straightener or curling wand has been working its magic – a little too much. Has your hair been left feeling dull, dry or knotted? You may be suffering from a case of heat damage. Heat damage can lead to an abundance of split ends and can be hard to style due to frizzy hair texture. 

If you love styling your hair with heat, but don’t love how it makes your natural hair look and feel – never fear! A combination of taking an occasional break from the heat and correct care, can repair heat damaged hair. Opt for products that seal in moisture and that are rich with balanced oils to rejuvenate your locks. Ingredients like rosemary oil can lock moisture in without stripping your hair’s natural oil production.

Recommended Product

Your hair goes through a lot of wear and tear, if it could use a pick-me-up, The Fixer Shampoo Bar by Unwrapped Life may be the product for you. Lavender will soothe your scalp, while cedar wood essential oils, stinging nettle extract, and rosemary essential oil will neutralize free radical damage and oxidative stress to your hair and block DHT, preventing hair loss. With all natural ingredients, this bar is made to leave hair feeling stronger and more resilient.

Bye to Brassy – Shampoo Solutions to Tone Blonde Hair

Over time does your blonde hair start to inch away from its platinum hue? It’s easy to get frustrated when a blonde turns to brassy. So how do you stray away from yellow-ish hues and keep your hair toned? Blonde hair is very porous and absorbs a lot – everything from air pollution to minerals in water to the ingredients in the products you apply. Over time, your toner can also wear off, revealing that brassy yellow shade you may not like as much. 

If you are looking to maintain your blonde hair, it’s important to gravitate towards sulfate-free shampoos, as they strip your hair of natural oils. Blonde hair often also needs more moisture than that of its brunette counterparts, so products that contain essential oils that lock in moisture while retaining a natural balance will be your best bet. 

Recommended Product

Stay sassy, not brassy – with the Detoxifier Shampoo Bar from Unwrapped Life. Using the cleansing and toning power of activated charcoal, along with the moisturizing properties of aloe vera, apricot seed and hemp seed oil, this bar can be used as a clarifying treatment and can keep blonde hair from looking brassy. Though it should be used with caution on hair with vivid colors, this bar can be a great zero-waste, natural replacement for bottled purple shampoos.

Bonus! If you have color treated hair or permed/curly hair at all, the Volumize Shampoo Bar by HiBAR is 100% safe for your hair. Infused with African dates and Vitamin B5, this product is designed to add definition to your curls and waves.


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