Our Ultimate Fall Makeup Guide

Ready to Fall in love with a Zero-Waste Makeup Look? Our Ultimate Fall Makeup Guide

As the weather gets crisp and pumpkin spice season grows ever closer, you may be itching to break out that sweater and switch up your make-up look. 

Get inspired by the rich colors of fall and switch up your make-up routine with some all-natural products that won’t increase your carbon footprint. The look we’ll walk you through will be a natural, autumnal addition to your fall look.  


As the weather gets cooler, your skin gets stripped of its moisture and natural oils. In order to put your best face forward and counteract the negative effects of the winter cold, it is important to give your skin a little extra love by using a moisturizer than can hydrate your skin by replenishing your natural oils. Applying moisturizer will not only smooth the surface of your skin to prepare it for foundation or concealer if you choose to wear it, it will help your skin glow and seem less dull.  


A zero-waste everyday moisturizer that would be a perfect addition to your Fall product line-up would be this Yay for Earth Sensitive Face Lotion. Great for use in both the day and night, this moisturizer is rich with natural ingredients like shea butter, proven to boost collagen and reduce inflammation and olive oil, which serves as both an antioxidant and a moisturizer. 


Nothing looks better than a healthy glow, and how better to greet Fall than to achieve that glow using blush that reflect the deep warm tones of autumn? After applying moisturizer and foundation or concealer, apply a deep, warm-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbones. Opt for deeper shades of red, or shades with slightly orange or pink undertones to magnify the “Fall” look. You can even apply a tiny amount to the tip of your nose to create a “flushed from the cold” effect. 


Axiology’s Malibu Magic Balmies Set will provide you with that oh-so-adorable, natural blushed look. The Malibu set will provide you with three autumnal colors: a warm orangey clementine, a deep red-toned pink, and a sparkly champagne color to add a pop of gold. These balmies can be used on eyes, lips, or cheeks and contain natural ingredients like elderberry, hemp, and plum oil that give you a blush while nourishing your skin. 

Eye-Catching Details

Fall is the perfect time to break out those deeper neutral tones and experiment with the darker eye looks that may have felt too heavy in the summer! At this next step, use warm brown or peach tones on your top lid. You can add an extra pop of sparkle by applying a glittery or shimmery shade to the inner corners of your eyes for that wide-eyed look. Finish the eyes with a brown or black liner over your lashes on your top lid for a sleek defined look that guarantees to catch eyes. Play around with colors and different liner shapes here! There is no right way to do eye make-up and it may take a couple of tries to find out which combination of colors and techniques works for you. 


If you’re looking for a brown eyeshadow or liner the Earth Eyeshadow by Fat and the Moon is a perfect zero-waste solution. A chocolate, rich soil brown, this eye coal comes in pot form. It can be used as a dramatic eyeshadow or a liner. Formulated with sunflower oil and beeswax, this product has the staying power necessary to stay put throughout the day. 

Itching for more drama than a natural brown tone? Fat and the Moon’s Black Eyeshadow is a deep creamy, mineral-based eye coal that can help you create that mysterious smokey eye. Also made with sunflower oil and beeswax–  this shadow won’t budge. 

Feeling adventurous? Spice up this Fall look with a pop of color. This Leaf Eyeshadow will highlight our eyes with a subtle, yet surprising pop of vibrant green. Made with mineral oxide, the pigment is safe and has the staying-power of beeswax


Similar to your skin, the cold often dries lips out during the winter and fall, leaving them prone to get chapped. This can be a struggle if you love bold lips or want to rock a look that reflects the vibrant colors of Fall. Most matte lipsticks can further dry your lips, so in the winter months we suggest switching to moisturizing formulas that can keep your lips happy and healthy while adding that pop of color that you love. 


The Zlata Baba Lip Paint is rich with sunflower oil and beeswax that will lock in your lip’s natural moisture without looking greasy. This paint is also infused with Yarrow Spirit Medicine, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can calm those chapped lips. This lip paint is a deep red tone that is a perfect strong lip to complete your Fall look.

Final Touches – Add a pop of shimmer 

Finish off your Fall look with a shimmer, gold-toned pop of color. Highlighter can be eye-catching and can lift your face if placed at the high points of your face like the top of your cheekbones, just under your brow bone, and the tip of your nose. Adding this sparkle can take a look from day to night and accentuate your inner glow. 


For that perfect gold-toned sparkle try Glow Highlighter. Inspired by the sun, this light and silky mineral-based glimmer will add dimension to your look. Mixed with St. John’s Wort, a Spirit Medicine, that is known to bring light and clarity into the dark, this highlighter will harness your inner glow on a spiritual level. 


Fall in Love with Experimenting with Different Looks:

While the above steps listed are all suggestions, the most important thing is to find a look that makes you feel happy, beautiful, and confident. Use any combination of steps, or drop most of them and only do one! It doesn’t matter! As the weather gets colder it’s important that you Fall in love with yourself this season. 


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