4 Tips to Transform Your Home Sustainably

By Nithya Gundlapalli

Our planet is a precious place. A quote I read recently said that we didn’t inherit our planet from past generations, we borrowed it from future generations. This means we should do what we can, even if it seems small, to reflect that. Here are four ways to spice up your home by reusing materials and reducing waste. 

1 | Sift and Thrift 

This is probably going to be the easiest way to reduce waste because in order to transform your home, you must create space to do so. Create space both physically and mentally. Go through your closet and sift through all of your clothes and separate the ones you have not touched in a year. Yes, a year. Make exceptions for the special-occasion outfits– but trust me when I say that you will probably not wear it again. I am a total hoarder, so I understand wanting to keep EVERYTHING more than anyone. I always tell myself I’ll wear it one day or I can use it for something, somewhere, somehow in the distant future. Plot twist: you probably won’t. Twenty-six billion pounds of clothing go straight to landfill each year and by donating some of your unused clothes to a thrift store, you are positively impacting the environment. This creates room in your closet to design and organize, while also saving our planet from textile waste. Is that a win-win I hear? I think yes. 

2 | Twine Not


This method is a little more involved and can seem a little craftier – but once you get the hang of it, it will become the simplest little decor trick in your book. I am sure you have old tin cans or cardboard boxes lying around the house. If you don’t, then the next time you are about to throw one out and add to the large amount of waste on this planet, save it and remember this blog! Buy a roll of twine from Amazon or at your nearest dollar store (I promise you that this should not be expensive). Take this twine and wrap it around a can or, with a thicker twine, around a cardboard box from top to bottom. Glue the ends down but make sure the whole item is wrapped. Get creative with it and use it as anything you could possibly want. The best part of using recyclables to create new things is that no one will ever know that the cute little rustic toothbrush holder was just a can of tomato sauce. I hope you are noticing that a huge part of living sustainably is just about thinking outside the box.

3 | Glassy and Classy

After I go through a candle, I end up left with the glassware that the candle came in and guess what? You can repurpose that glassware too and add some class with your glass. I am a spontaneous candle buyer and don’t usually buy them in sets, so when I end up with this random piece of glassware, I want to make use of it. Repurposing random containers is definitely my secret to decorating, whether it’s mugs as vases or cans as toothbrush holders. Repurposed candle holders can become the perfect place to put spices in in the kitchen, plants on the center table, or office supplies on your desk. Glass has a way of adding a very elegant look to the room and can add beautiful subtle detail to your space. Having your paperclips in a desk organizer is totally acceptable– but how much cuter would it look if you put them in little glass jars that you repurposed yourself? 

4 | Dream Green

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Real plants are known to add a lot of freshness to a home, boost your mood, and cleanse your air. Eighty-seven percent of toxins in the air can be removed by plants in a span of 24 hours, according to NASA. Yup, the big ‘space guys’ – in case you don’t believe me. Fake flowers aren’t a taboo of course, but if you have access to fresh flowers, take it. Remove those pesky little toxins in your air. Next, remember that ANYTHING can be a vase. Old wine bottles, mason jars, adorable mugs, or even old perfume bottles can all be used to add a very unique floral aesthetic to your room. 

By living sustainably and reducing waste, you not only contribute to saving our planet, but now you have great stories behind some incredible decor in your home! 

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